Mount Cho-Oyu 8201 meters, 2016, Never give up!!

After having been challenged last year with the devastating earthquake in Nepal, we are ready, once again, excited, curious, but a little bit nervous as we board the plane to Lhasa for our 2016 Wild Yak Expeditions Big Adventure. The aim is to climb Mount Cho-Oyu at 8201 meters, followed by Mount Everest at 8848 meters. Before heading to the Big Mountains, Sherpa's and high altitude workers always give high priority to visit some of the monasteries that are important to them to be blessed by the High monk. This kind of spiritual practice gives a certain confidence to the Sherpa’s to climb the high mountains of the Himalayas. Nowadays, the majority of western climbers also follow in the steps of the Sherpa’s to be blessed before climbing the highest mountains on earth, whether they believe it or not a certain energy pulls them towards the rituals. In Lhasa, we felt blessed to visit some of the ancient monasteries around Lhasa, especially Jorkhang Temple that is known as the

Wild Yak Expeditions "Everest 2016"

Few words from top of the world " Mount Everest"

CHO OYU (8201 mètres) et EVEREST (8848 mètres) expéditions 2016